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    No third person narratives here. I’m a hands-on CD who likes to roll their sleeves up. I can work alone but prefer a collaborative team (I’ll take a dog too). My resume has all the places and clients I’ve worked with, but what it won’t tell you is that I absolutely love what I do. It always starts with strong strategy and insights, because you can’t build a solid house on a weak foundation. Then ideas. Then execution and optimization (and another cup of coffee). Strategy and data drive a lot of what I do, but I also leave room for my gut and creative instincts.  It's ultimately about finding ways to connect and communicate in ways that are emotionaly resonant and speak to human truths.
    I’m an Art Director by background but also write. It’s hard for me to separate the two. Most often a writer's writer can better what I do. Did I mention I was humble?
    Oh, people say I’m great to work with and that I'm a strong leader/manager. (Yup, that can be backed up with references.)
    Let’s talk and see how I can help!
    Thanks for having a read. You won't regret this link.